Backyard Appleseed

I haven't been able to get to an Appleseed event, so I'm plinking with my 10/22 in the backyard.

Ordered some Appleseed targets and am seeing what I can do.

First round today was dismal.
- Stage 1 = 43 (nice)
- Stage 2 = 41 (still nice)
- Stage 3 = 21 (yikes)
- Stage 4 = 19 x 2 = 38 (double yikes)

Total: 143

Details: 10/22 with iron sights, Federal Value Pack 36 grain hollow point ammo.

It's a start. Looks like a summer project.

Re: Backyard Appleseed

If you are serious about the score, you need to use decent ammo like CCI Mini Mag or Aguila.

To get 210, you need to be near perfect in stages 1, 2, and 4. Especially 4 because you have 30 seconds to make each shot and the stage is worth 100 points. This way you can afford to flunk the most challenging stage 3.
Glad that federal government is boring again.

Re: Backyard Appleseed

I did my first Appleseed in April and I wholeheartedly recommend. My biggest takeaways were sling usage, natural point of aim and breath control. There's only so much you can get from reading and watching YouTube videos. Having a seasoned instructor there to watch you shoot, point out the good/bad of your technique and offer advice is really the biggest value of the program. I was also able to shoot through a scope for the first time and it really opened my eyes to how it is not 'easy mode' and was a great illustrator of how my breathing rhythm affects aim and shot placement.

For the AQT:
I had a lot of trouble with consistency on the first (standing) round. Easy with my little takedown but the borrowed rifle with scope and stainless bull barrel was exhausting and I was often hitting low. Need to work out with my new Swiss G1911 weight lifting rifle.
Biggest issue was timing for the second round (stand to kneeling/sitting). Too slow getting into a natural point of aim in the preferred sitting position. ended up going to kneeling to get all my shots in the time limit but accuracy suffered. I have some ideas on how to get better here.
Less trouble with timing for third (stand to prone) although you have to fire fairly rapidly.
Fourth round (prone) was where I made my scores. Plenty of time to really get yourself settled in, watch breathing and be accurate. A couple of times I zoned out and forgot how many shots I had taken per target (hint: move to last target and shoot backwards until you run out of ammo).

That said, I was able to get my patch, shooting a 214 and a 221 with the borrowed, scoped rifle. Heard there was going to be an event in June, closer to my house. Going to see if I can make Rifleman with my iron sighted takedown (and maybe try with the G1911?).

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