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mattgunguy wrote: Fri Apr 23, 2021 9:23 pm Thank you. I fully understand about not wanting propellants in the house. We've a detached garden shed i use for alot of my hobby stuff. Propellant & blackpowder stay out there. I'm terrified of a large kaboom. Aside from carry our pistols, I won't even keep ammo in the house. Stays in a freezer in the shed as well. I just finally moved the safe inside today after considering it for years. I really don't like having guns in the house as our youngest is deaf, mute, autistic, & some brain damage. Scared of him getting ahold of something he shouldn't. But we've had a dramatic increase in thefts lately & I'm even more terrified of guns being stolen. So the safe came in. Always a toss up in life.

The common calibers are the hard ones to find around here. 5.56x45mm, 7.62x51mm, 9mm are all still stupid price & hard to find in stock.

I can find 7.92x57mm, 30-06, 6.5 Swede, 45-70 on the shelf at most places I frequent. I got 6.5 Swede & 30-06 a couple weeks back for $1 - $1.50 a round.

Not always the case, as this .32ws is proving to me. But I do enjoy the hunt.
You're wise. I only have one at home and he's 16 and very responsible--but he doesn't know how to access any of the safes that have firearms. The older one probably can, but he is 26, in Cali, looking for a job as an attorney.

I've been successful buying ammo on GunBroker. Since I haven't been to a range in over a year, I don't QUITE feel the ammo price pressure, though it did hurt to pay $0.60/rd for 9mm brass FMJ. I figure I don't need a lot of JHP since Home Defense you hope never happens, and if it does, probably the number of rounds used will be small. OTOH, for range shooting you need lots of rounds--FMJ or wadcutters.
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Re: Got my first lever action

I have problems. Deep seated serious problems & I just can't help myself. Got to thinking (which is how most problems start out). If one lever gun is awesome, then wouldn't it stand to reason that two would be even more awesomenesser. Well to my way of thinking it would. Got a rifle, so I didn't really need another one yet (as if that bit of logic has ever slowed me down), I wanted something pistol caliber like y'alls are always yapping about around here. They look like good fun damn it! Put a rifle from the safe I wasn't to hot about on armslist (I know, but its a resource). Came up with a little Rossi R92 in 44-40, set of dies, buch of brass , & 500-600 primers. We saw loaded factory ammo at one of the our 3 primary local shops in the last few days. I swear that I must have a thing against common calibers. Keeps the hunt fun i suppose. Gonna have to start saving up my gun fund to get an original antique 1892 Winchester though, or not an antique. I want a Winchester, they're only gonna appreciate in value.
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Re: Got my first lever action

I've got brass finally!!! Only had to make an 8 hour drive & trade a crap ton of 5.56 brass for it. But I don't reload 5.56, so I didn't need it anyway. Just been collecting it.

All set now except for bullets & I know where to get that locally. Can almost shoot it.
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Re: Got my first lever action

I need to join that site. Yeah, this one was free to me. I generally try to avoid paying for guns if I can help it. Not always though, I coughed up more than I should have for the Gewehr 98.

It is time though. Reloading day is upon us. The 94 shall have a voice again!!!

Projectiles came home today. Got a few dummies put together for function checks, & it functions great. Powder prices are FUCKING STUPID right now. $80 for a pound. Yeah, I still paid it & considered myself lucky for finding it.
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