Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

I can generally shrug it off & be fine. I chalk it up to the stupidity of youth 99% of the time. This one just got under my skin. I go out of my way to share what I know with the upcoming generation. I see that as the duty of knowledge. Not like I get to take it with me when I kick the bucket. Hard to fill a cup that's already full.

Funny thing is, I'm a country boy. Dress, look, talk, act like one. The younger people who shut up & genuinely want to learn more and generally get better at shooting aren't the country kids. They're already convinced of their own superiority. Its the city kids, especially the black & Latino kids. I've had more than one coworker ask if I would let them go with the next time I go shooting & they show up with their kids in tow (mine typically are too). These kids will soak it up like a sponge. Almost brings a tear to the eye at times.

I know I should have had more patience with this kid.
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