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People say that American is a terrible language to learn. I maintain that the Slavic languages are worse. So easy to screw up if you don't know the context of a word. Then there's the word that doesn't actually exist, but must be used to denote the intent of a word.

Someday I'll go live in Russia for a year & really learn the language. I just play around with it right now.
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Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

Don't. Not until Putin's dead and buried, decapitated with a stake through his heart and garlic in his mouth. Preferably both burned to ashes and bottled in holy water, sealed with lead and appropriate sigils of containment. Even then, I'd wait until they're a functioning social democracy.

There are native speaker communities closer to home you can dive into for the immersive experience. I rather enjoyed West Hollywood for that, back in the day.

Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

mattgunguy wrote: Mon Apr 05, 2021 10:40 pm I doubt that Russia is ever a social democracy.
You may be right, and that's such a shame. I've been a half dozen times for work and found very warm and welcoming people. First time was in '73 and I described the experience as being in the motor vehicle office... all the time. It was eye opening. Decades later and I was going to St. Petersburg almost once a year for awhile. It was painful to see the progression of Putin's mafia government stealing the hopes of self determination. One year the streets were full of gangs of young kids begging and pickpocketing, under the control of twenty somethings usually. The next year, not a one to be seen. I asked about it and was told "they were bad for business".

Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

Until the breakup in 1989, they were ALL "Russians", whether Georgians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, etc. whether they liked it or not, which they didn't, but not liking it didn't do much good. My father's parents were from "Russia", under the Tsar, but were really Ukrainian Jews.
Can Russia become a real Democracy, or, more properly, a Democratic Republic? I do not know. Germany did, on its second bite of the apple. Some of the former Soviet Block did, such as Czechia and Slovakia. Some are failing--Hungary and Poland.

I try to oversimplify it by looking at the choices made by the former Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. The first chose to peacefully separate, become Democracies, join the EU and, generally prosper. The latter chose instead to try to settle centuries old scores and murder each other, while destroying what positives Tito had left them. The total neglect and destruction of the Sarajevo Winter Olympic complex is symbolic of the choices made by the Serbs, the Croatians, Kosovo and the other entities to put blood, death, genocide, and impoverishment as more important than peace and prosperity.

Yes, it over-simplifies it, but......
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Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

My point was ethnic divisions existed in the imperial period and the Soviet period. Americans often do not understand that differences exist. Many northern “Russians” speak Russian, but their roots are Finno-Uralic. Yes they are Russians, but their older customs and DNA is more relatable to their Finnish Karelian neighbors. I doubt stalin considered himself Russian, regardless of what someone on this side of the Atlantic labeled immigrant coming to Ellis Island.

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Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

Who knows WHAT was in the mind of a narcissist, paranoid, sadistic, egomaniac, fanatical pretender that HE was the Father of Communism, literally upended and reversed just about everything Lenin was working for?
""If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." -- LBJ

Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

A short interlude back to topic.

Rifle case arrived today & well, you do get what ya pay for.

Pelican Im3200 Storm case. I had read somewhere that the factory foam from FN is cut to fit this model pelican case. I'm happy to say that this is true. Fits better than the foam it came it came with.

My only previous experience with a pelican case was with the Barrett M82a1. I believe that was a protector series case. Those things are seriously over built.

I don't think that the storm cases are built as beefy as the protector cases. But not by a whole hell of a lot. I don't know what type of plastic they're made of, but it's pretty damn solid. Went and hit the snot out of it with a 36oz ball peen hammer on the peen side. Just about took the other side of the hammer to the face with the rebound. Didnt even leave a mark. Fully sealed & water tight with the o-ring gasket. Has a pressure valve too. Actual valve, not some cheap manual screw valve. There are 6 latches. 1 on each end & 4 across the front. They're not the camming type latches of the protector series (which I really loved). These have a push button in the center of the latch that must be depressed to release the latch. I think that this is a great feature, since you can't just casually smack a latch and open it. You've got 4 points across the front for pad locks. They're not metal reinforced as far as I can tell. So theoretically a lock could be cut out of the case. For the cost, I think there should be some reinforcements. Two carry handles. 1 front & 1 end with wheels on the other end. The handles are attached to the case body very well. The wheels are rolling on ball bearings on individual shafts for each. Think Rollerblade wheel. The hinge pins can only go in & out one way. I'm not particularly sure how you'd get em out, the exposed end is recessed down in the plastic. The other end is a blind hole.

Pretty sure this is a TSA approved case.

I looked at Vault, Apache, Case Club, & a few others. But the cost vs quality vs features vs availability just wasn't there for me with other cases.

All in all, if you only need a case for is getting from the house to the range. Get something cheaper. A $20 Plano from Walmart is a solid choice. But if you want a case that'll last & last and give you the ability to travel with gun (assuming we ever get back to that point, I do plan on travelingsome this summer). I'd recommend a Pelican. Not cheap though, this was right around $250 shipped on sale. Comes in other colors too.
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Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

Storm was a competing company that was making serious inroads on Pelican, so Pelican bought them. I have a bunch of Storm cases for video and lighting equipment, and some Pelicans too. Storm cases are (were?) about a third lighter for the same size, and they popularized the easy to open latch system. I can't tell you how many people broke fingernails in my business opening up the old style Pelican latches. I'm using an old Pelican rifle case I hauled lighting stands in for years for my Christensen Arms MPR. Every time I use it I cringe when it's time to open those latches!

I just got a Warne Skyline Precision Bipod for the MPR, but it's a much lighter rifle than yours. The Warne is tiny! Haven't shot with it yet, and I'm not at all experienced with shooting from a bipod. It's very solid though, very little flex in the legs, and I like that it has pan capability that can also be locked if you don't want it.

Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

Pelicans are INCREDIBLY tough! I have 2 trunks we've had for over 20+ years, and a smaller one. One protects key stuff for me in the Bahamas, usually half buried in sand under the house. The main drawback is that they are so heavy they used up precious airline weight--you reach 50 or even 70 lbs REALLY fast loading one of those!
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Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

I've got a Pelican 1720 I took as part of a trade. One of the 4 fasteners was broken. The guy I was doing the trade with told me Pelican had a good guaranty and would fix it... I was skeptical (not the first owner, no receipt and all that). Two years later I decided to see if I could get parts and fix the case myself and called Pelican. I told the nice lady what I needed and was told they'd get it out the next day. I asked if they needed a credit card number, they didn't. 3 days later I had 2 new latches to replace the 1 broken one.
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Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.


It was a good day at the range yesterday. Got to piss off some go fast call of duty kids. Thats always a good day at the range.

Little mama's boy talking shit about a Scar in general. How they're overpriced (probably true that one), inaccurate and European garbage. Then how his home build 6.5 creedmoor PSR ar would shoot circles around me.

Me. Still shooting the shitty Wolf cheapo 150gr junk. Five 5 shot groups at 100. Average size, 1 to 1-1/2".

Him. "Custom high speed low drag hand loads. $5 a shot he said. Five 5 shot groups at 100. Average size, 10" to 18".

If the kid hadn't been such a fucking prick, I might have told him that neither his suppressor nor the upper to lower fitment was tight. That he could try shooting until the second coming, & he'd never have an accurate rifle. Could literally watch the suppressor settle in a different spot after every shot. Could see the upper receiver shift from breathing. But I don't suffer assholes gracefully. So I decided to let him find his mistakes the hard way. Was really unhappy with me for informing him about the speed with which 6.5 creedmoor burns out barrels compared to 7.62x51mm. Only about a 12k round difference.

To be young & have daddy's money again. Oh, wait. I never had that. Guess that explains why I research before spending my money.

I promise that I'll review the restof this setup, waiting for better ammo to show up & I'll have the use of a 1k yard range for a weekend in a couple months.
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Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

And to think how much he could have learned from you. Reminded me of a sign my neighbor had on his fridge, something to the effect of "Kids, move out now, while you still know everything....". So of course his daughter was always a quiet, respectful, studious person who's now a public health doctor. Hopefully the kid learned something despite his smug, probably defensive outer reaction. You just taught me something regarding barrel life.

Re: Starting a long range / DMR project.

Yeah, too many people trying to substitute skill with hardware. In my last Appleseed there were many folks sporting 10/22’s with a custom stock, bull barrel, and big expensive scope. Add expensive Eley match ammo to boot. Another dude carried a rig with a genuine ACOG, so his scope alone cost twice as much as my entire setup. None of them got the patch. To their credit at least nobody was trash talking.
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