Wife's new boomstick

So some may remember that my wife is a blackpowder addict, well she's added to her small but growing collection of the old smoke poles. Lurker will probably approve.

1873 Springfield trapdoor in 45-70. Made in 1881 going by the serial number & stock cartouche. Has a very nice bore. Metalink fair condition, with some pitting below the wood that I find a little worrisome. But since it ain't a high pressure round, should be good for a long long time.

Shoots good enough to hit a 12"x24" target at 100yd.

That 1874 sharps in the picture is supposed to be mine, but I've lost ownership to her. She's also looking at an original 1859 saddle ring sharps carbine and an 1886 Browning in 45-70.
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Re: Wife's new boomstick

She's definitely a keeper. Puts up with my shit, that may put her up for sainthood.

Don't believe in wall hangers. Guns were made for shooting & slinging lead is what we do. That and most the family gets very very uncomfortable when they visit & the guns are out. Not that I like most the family, cause I don't. I do however like not having to argue with idiots. One of them literally went running in fear while wailing like a fucking moron that she was gonna get shot in the head because a gun was in a rack on the wall. It was trigger locked, and unloaded, and the muzzle was pointing the opposite direction of her head.

Death by headshot of 30-aught butt stock..........
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