Lets talk some games

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Re: Lets talk some games

Post by Dreadlezz »

ARC1107 wrote:
Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:28 pm
just a suggestion but, I wouldn't get the new system right away. its kind of like new games, they rush out the systems and there are going to be all kinds of bugs and stuff in the programming. I normally give it a couple months if not a little longer so they can get patches and what not to get the system to where it should be. Unless of course you can find an amazing deal you can't pass up.
And the PS systems usually drop 50% in price by year 2 or 3.

I'm currently debating building/buying a gaming rig. Still mainly on PS4, but I did install Euro Truck Simulator 2 on an old laptop and have been having a lot of fun with that.

I tend to play GTA5 online with friends in Europe and Borderlands and Overwatch with my better half. And then of course there is Gran Turismo, that is definitely my favorite sim racer (really wish they would expand the VR).

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Re: Lets talk some games

Post by Saganesque »

Ah, there is a gaming thread on here. I just started one for finding co-op partners, but maybe this is the better place to post...

I used to play a lot of Overwatch because I like team-based play, but tossed Blizzard when the Hong Kong thing happened. So I've been without a team game since then, but just today the game Squad caught my attention. It just went to 1.0 after years in beta and seems to be getting a lot of love from people who like team-based games. It has an element of realism to the battle that makes it look more like modern warfare, but apparently isn't too demanding on hardware as it is a 4-yr old game or so.

Has anyone played? Anyone interested? I've been watching Twitch channels with it this evening and I'm thinking I want to pick it up...
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Re: Lets talk some games

Post by LuckyMan4Life »

What do you think about possible release of lineage 3?

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Re: Lets talk some games

Post by lurker »

what do you shoot? pictures, we like pictures. where are you located? no we don't need your mailing address, but a state might be useful or interesting.

or are you just here to spam for this "lineage 3" thing?
the really odd thing is, seems like i've seen this username here before, or maybe a variation on it. come here often?

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