LGC Bullseye Club Match #20 to Open November 30

After a bit of a hiatus, the next LGS Bullseye Club Match will open on Sunday, November 30, 2019 and will close roughly three months later on Sunday, March 1, 2020. This will be a two-handed match but there is a significant change from previous matches in re the shooter-to-target distance: Starting with this one, the two-handed matches will be shot from 50 feet. Previous matches were shot from 15 yards so this is a relatively small increase. The change brings us closer to alignment with other Bullseye-type matches. The Bullseye Club rules can be found below.

While the choice of targets within the constraints laid out in the rules is up to you, and many options are available, we have crafted some custom targets for use in these matches. Note that they are NOT official NRA targets and they should NOT be used in NRA-sanctioned events. Regardless of the targets you use, if you are printing downloaded targets, please make sure that they conform to the target norms. How do you know if the target conforms? Measure the diameters of the 4-ring on the B3 style target and the 6-ring on the B2 style target. They should measure approximately 7.3 and 8.3 inches, respectively. If they do not, check to see if your printer is scaling the PDFs before printing them. Also note that the 6 ring on the B3 style LGC targets may be slightly truncated on the right and left margins, depending on your printer. Judge for yourself if you think this is acceptable. PDFs of the LGC targets follow below.

The LGC Bullseye Club Rules 2020.pdf
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A NOTE TO NEWBIES: These matches are open to all and have been ongoing for several years. Anyone can enter. Scoring is on the honor system. There are no prizes but the consensus of long-term participants is that practicing for and shooting these matches improves one's skills. So GET OUT THERE AND SHOOT!

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Re: LGC Bullseye Club Match #20 to Open November 30

I posted about the Bullseye League on the Members Lounge FB page. I'm hoping that will generate some new interest.

Looking forward to shooting this one, and I'm glad the league is back! :yahoo: We'll see if I can get on paper with the additional yardage. :)
skydaver wrote: Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:34 am Who the heck has a ruler with decimal increments of inches?! (Well, I do, but I'm a dork.)

Seriously, very glad to see this starting back up. The fiercest competitor you have to face is yourself.

So true about the fiercest competitor... so true.
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Re: LGC Bullseye Club Match #20 to Open November 30

Bucolic wrote: Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:59 am
CDFingers wrote:I like it that the match is over before it begins. Easy to win. :-)

Personally, I'd like it if the targets were for sale in The Store.

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