Hello from sunny South Florida!

Wanted to introduce myself. I grew up in one of the few rural-ish areas in urban South Florida. I always had air rifles as a kid and enjoyed shooting them quite a bit, but in the last couple of years I have become an avid firearms enthusiast. Being a liberal-minded gun owner, it can often be hard to find others that share your views on both guns and society, as I'm sure you all know. I'm lucky in that my wife is a liberal gun enthusiast, and I do have a couple of liberal/centrist friends that are also into shooting, so it's nice to have a few range buddies who aren't idiots. I'm hoping I can find some more like-minded people here, as well as get some advice on getting into competition shooting.

Re: Hello from sunny South Florida!

Oh man, yeah that's a bummer, would have loved to have been a part of that!

I enjoy a wide range of handguns from modern semi-autos to Colt SAA replicas. My favorite gun right now is my CZ P-07 fitted with a Primary Machines comp.

I just bought my first AR-15 lower receiver a few weeks ago and I'm about to start the process of building an AR from the ground up. I'm gonna do it part by part instead of buying an assembled upper. So much of my interest in guns comes from the mechanics and engineering that goes into them, so I couldn't see myself doing it any other way to get the most enjoyment possible out of it.

Re: Hello from sunny South Florida!

Hi from JUST a bit north of you! (NJ) As liberal as our state is, there's an over-abundance of redhats at the 2 ranges I frequent. I don't talk politics, just firearms.

One friend I shoot with is about as close to being a red hat without actually being one, but I can't kick him to the curb because my wife raised him from a pup--he was a fresh-out-of-college wise-ass junior associate and she had to teach him to put his reactionary "ideas" aside if he wanted to be able to do good, objective work. He owes her everything...and knows it. He's also a really good hand-gun shooter and I've learned a lot from him. He could easily be an instructor.
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