It's spring, time for more Trenchgun Tomfoolery

So I won a cheap Stevens/Coast to Coast pump gun (267/77) here: gunbroker

Pics as soon as I get it. Bluing is uneven so I will be refinishing it along with the wood.

Heat shield/Bayonet lug from Numrich Gun Parts.
Bayonet from Sarco
Sling swivel from Numrich
Sling from my spares (I have a couple M1903 slings)

Should be a fun project and I'll end up with a servicable trench gun at less than half the cost of a military shotgun.
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Re: It's spring, time for more Trenchgun Tomfoolery

ErikO wrote: Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:05 pm You want me to keep an eye out for a stock for ya? :D
Yeah, man, 'twould be cool. I thought of getting a new unfinished set then molesting it with pine tar. In line with other projects, so still open.

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Re: It's spring, time for more Trenchgun Tomfoolery

ErikO wrote: Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:44 pm
K9s wrote: Thu Apr 04, 2019 6:47 pm Wow. I wish my Maverick 88 had a bayonet lug.
I am so glad I never bought a shotty with a sub-22" barrel. :D

Came close a few times. I should be cutting that 28" down by mid-May.

That Maverick 88 is probably my favorite pump 12 GA to shoot. And it was cheap, too.
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Re: It's spring, time for more Trenchgun Tomfoolery

Hack-saw in the lean-to and spray some rattle-can BBQ paint. Fashion the heat-shield from a cookie-pan with tin-snips and a drill. You can be in-n-out for under $250 if creative!
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