Holiday gift for all your right wing family and friends

Just what all the right wing folks will want to keep and collect the complete set of Trump Legos. BTW they are to YUGE to use with regular Legos or the box says they are.
“The Trumps” Lego set is too close to the truth for comfort. Luckily it’s a spoof.

The Donald Trump-themed toy contains all members of the president-elect’s family in figurine form, who each come with their own Trump Tower.

The bed from where Trump tweets late at night, $100 million in inherited dollars and his own private tanning salon are also included in the set.

There’s a red telephone from where he can call Russian President Vladimir Putin ― and even a full nuclear arsenal. But Trump’s tax returns are not contained. ... ebb7896e37

Since it is a spoof you could send them a fake gift certificate from Idiots R Us and they will believe it and be kept busy looking for the store for months.
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