Re: It's about a united working class, not rainbow coalition

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HuckleberryFun wrote:Unified? The working class is hopelessly divided. Union leadership goes Democrat while a plurality (if not a majority) of the membership goes Trump. White workers vs black, union vs non-union, "skilled" vs "unskilled": they all work against each other to get the last meager scrap from the shrinking table. Back in the Gilded Age Jay Gould boasted he could "hire half the working class to kill the other half." We have come full circle and are now in a New Gilded Age.
Ive wondered if part of the multitude levels of Us vs. Them , union vs non union, black vs, white, christian vs. Non Christian, Blue Collar vs. White collar, etc... Is just adaptations of the some peoples need to have someone to look down upon, so they can feel better about themselves? Not bases on anything really, and doesn't matter to the haters who it is they look down upon.

Then those who are looked down upon respond in kind.

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This is a big part of the problem. This goes back to the slave days in the south. The poor white were told they were superior to blacks. In the north after the civil war the idea spread there. It continued in the north against the Irish and other immigrants. We Americans are better than them even when we are in the same place. It was starting to level out with the civil rights and the war on poverty. But all changed with Blessed St. Ronnie's more open continued southern strategy of Nixon. The conservative rich has continued the same idea of "You are better than _______ fill in the blank" and to keep you better vote for us. A prime example of divide and conquer. The oligarchs keep us divided and they conquer.
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Re: It's about a united working class, not rainbow coalition

It's complicated...

On the one hand, any kind of government aid should be based on income, not race. On the other hand, racism is still a powerful force in society, as this study points out:

'Resume whitening' doubles callbacks for minority job candidates, study finds

"Minority job applicants who resort to “resume whitening” – a practice in which candidates alter any information on their resume that indicates their ethnicity – are more than twice as likely to receive a callback than those who don’t, a new study has found."


"While 25.5% of resumes received callbacks if African American candidates’ names were “whitened”, only 10% received a callback if they left their name and experience unaltered. For Asian applicants, 21% heard back if they changed their resume, and only 11.5% of candidates did if their resumes were not “whitened”." ... -callbacks

I get the feeling that the Democratic Party's base has shifted from the working class to the upwardly mobile middle and professional classes.

White Voters Without College Degrees Are Fleeing The Democratic Party

"While Republicans lean heavily on this group of non-college whites, at the other end of the education spectrum, college-educated white Americans — and college-educated Americans in general — are growing more and more Democratic."


"Some of the fastest-growing groups — Hispanics and college-educated Americans — tend to be Democratic. As we said above, the Democratic Party is growing more and more educated, with college-age voters taking up a bigger and bigger slice of that party." ... atic-party
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