What happens when nobody shows up for inauguration

Seems the Turnip is having a hard time find AOr even B list singers for his inauguration. Even the local high school bands are refusing to March. Rumor is he is offering ambassadorships to lock in singers.
Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous reports that the Trump team is finding it impossible to get famous musicians to play his inauguration. According to the Wrap, inaugural committee members have offered high-profile stars up to seven figures to appear at the event, but established popular artists are reportedly unwilling to risk their names and reputations by being associated with this presidency. Now the Wrap reports that the Trump team—which is so big on quid pro quo it’s notable even in the super corrupt world of politics—is using ambassadorships in an attempt to lure A-list entertainers. The outlet reports that two talent bookers say they were offered “plush diplomatic posts in exchange for locking in singers.”
http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/d ... icians-his

Maybe he is not looking in the very right places. He might be able to get the KKK drum and bugle corp or some of the groupies on stormfront to show up and march if he gives them enough beer.

Vladimir might even send the Russian Army women's chorus to serenade him, if Trunip just sends an email. Doesn't even have to be sent to Vlad he will get it anyway.
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