New take on Turnip's cabinet by the Monitor

Silly season is upon us, keep it civil, but this lets folks who don't want to watch the train wreck more easily avoid forced rubber necking.

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New take on Turnip's cabinet by the Monitor

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From the CS Monitor an outlook on the Turnip's picks for his cabinet as a group. It doesn't look good for America especially everybody but the very wealthy.
So far, his cabinet picks appear to be either the revolutionary realization of that promise or a total capitulation to corporate America.

At a time when America’s partisan tribes are seeing the world through radically different lenses, the widely disparate perceptions of Mr. Trump’s cabinet are not surprising. But they do suggest that Trump appears to be going all in to disassemble what the right sees as President Obama’s “regulatory state.”

To liberals, these regulations were essential to preventing corporate America from running roughshod over Americans for their own gain. To conservatives, they were the shackles holding back America from shifting into a higher economic gear that would benefit all.

In many ways, the picks make sense. Mr. Trump is assembling a cabinet in his own image, full of tycoons, swagger, and political newcomers. It is the kind of group you’d assume a Manhattan billionaire would assemble.

But if Trump’s goal is to repay the Midwestern working-class voters who propelled him to an astonishing victory, the years ahead stand as a test. If anything, his cabinet represents a doubling down on the establishment Republican orthodoxy that economic growth comes by helping the “job creators,” with wealth trickling down to the middle class. Only on trade has Trump blazed a different path. ... t-like-him

The only thing that will trickle down is the dribble down his pants leg and that's going to be anything but YUGE.
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