Hello from the Bay Area - visiting from India


I'm temporarily in the Bay Area (visiting from India). While I have no political affiliation in the US, I do consider myself a liberal for the most part.

I used to shoot skeet in India (using my uncle's Benelli). I'm in the Bay Area for a couple of months and wanted to shoot some skeet. I've walked into a couple of the gun shops around here but didn't exactly receive a warm welcome.

I'm looking to join someone at a range while they shoot skeet. I'm well versed with gun safety and know my way around a shotgun (or at least my uncle's Benelli).

I know this is not a run-of-the-mill request, but doesn't hurt to try!

Re: Hello from the Bay Area - visiting from India

bay area? yeah, there are a few from there here.
lemme ask you a question. i have unusually hairy ears. not inside the ear, outside. otherwise, i pass pretty easily for an old white guy. i understand this is a trait found in a swath from turkey to india, in fact the world record holder is indian. so, how common is this trait there?
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Re: Hello from the Bay Area - visiting from India

You can take CalTrain to Morgan Hill.

https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/coyo ... -items=yes

This is the only place I know of in the Greater Bay Area that has rental packages. I have not been there, but I am told it is an OK place.

It is not a cheap option. The Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club is better and cheaper, but they do not rent shotguns.

The Coyote Gun Club in Morgan Hill is at 1000 San Bruno Ave, Morgan Hill, CA 95037. Looks like it is 7 miles from CalTrain - I assume you can get an Uber there.

So the tradeoff is similar to Las Vegas. You can get a pricey package with gun rental or a good price with no rental.

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