Hello from NWPA

I'm a first time gun owner. PTR91 113.

I am familiar with firearms, and I've been shooting with friends. I am familiar with semi auto pistols, bolt rifles, revolvers, and ARs.

My future purchases will likely include a striker fired pistol, looking between a VP9 and VP40. And a bolt rifle purely for precision rifle. I have no intention of hunting, just for pure entertainment and relaxation.

I purchased a PA State Gamelands shooting range permit, and also was recently accepted into a local gun club.

- P

Re: Hello from NWPA

Welcome! BTW there is a PA chapter of LGC. You could be getting together with other liberals to shoot!!!!
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Re: Hello from NWPA

:welcome: from the opposite end of I-71, down in Louisville KY!

I still consider myself something of a neophyte, having owned pistols for less than three years.

I'll let it slide because you're new, but folks 'round these parts love to see pictures of your treasures, like this picture of my recently-acquired Mossberg 340KC that looks a whole lot like the rifle I had when I was a kid.

Mossberg (2).JPG
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