Whats Stopping You From Hunting?

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Whats Stopping you From Hunting

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Re: Whats Stopping You From Hunting?

Post by rascally »

Fingernail polish over each bite mark. Shuts off the oxygen and they die. The itching stops soon after.

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Re: Whats Stopping You From Hunting?

Post by TreueDerUnion »

For me it was time, when I was a teenager I was too young, when I was in college I was too busy, now that I'm done I want to get into it. There are so many feral hogs on my Uncles property and they're just the worst. Mean, destructive and they breed like rabbits same with beavers. As for deer loss of habitat means less natural predators aside from well people, plus I'm not the biggest fan of invasive species and I have a friend with a fair amount of Axis Deer on his property. I still need to practice with my rifle can't wait for fall.

Also venison is delicious
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Re: Whats Stopping You From Hunting?

Post by RotaryMags »

I hunted for a number of years in college and when I lived in the Upper MW.
(I know there are others here from the poorest state in the US - Superior, eh!)
It was common to see deer hanging from the trees around campus come Thanksgiving. I got whitetails every year I hunted with my Soon-to-be-in-laws, using a borrowed 1894 Marlin 30-30, or my 6.5 M-S.
I don't hunt for a few reasons now, but the biggest excuse is that I just don't have the space to deal with a carcass/meat storage.
I believe in eating what I kill, plus, I just really don't like to kill things that don't need killin'. I grew up w/ guns, had my first 'rifle' at 10.
I became good enough that if I took a shot at something, it died. No challenge, no sense of accomplishment, just a dead thing that was beautiful and alive just a few seconds before. Trophy hunting is right out!
Still like to take a try at Turkeys. Or Pronghorn. I understand they can both be quite the challenge, and I have no problem going after Invasive Species.
Maybe a trip to the Everglades to kill constrictors or HI to hunt boars or cows...
Hunting invasives AND getting meat would be a win-win!

I mostly hunt with my camera now...

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Re: Whats Stopping You From Hunting?

Post by VodoundaVinci »

None of the above - I have been with my Brother and Family and fully support hunters and even consume the delicacies they provide me. I just can't Spiritually justify killing anything that doesn't need killing. I don't even step on ants if I can avoid it and do not kill spiders, snakes, or *anything* that is not threatening me.

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Re: Whats Stopping You From Hunting?

Post by harriss »

Right now none of the above. I live in Arizona and it's 99 in the shade and I can't afford to be out in the sun too much. But it's slowly cooling down and the days continue getting shorter and soon I'll head out to my camp to do some predator hunting and bird hunting. I didn't put in for tags this year but my trail cam nailed this mule deer buck at my camp.
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