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took peacedove out for a spin last night, it whirs around pretty well, climbs what hills we have in low gear with some pedalling assist. i've been using it as an electric scooter that i can help get up to the top if needed and it's perfectly adequate for that. i weigh just under 200 lbs, if you're lighter than that it may not need help at all around here.
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Re: The bicycle thread

I've been using my old Peugeot as a stationary bike, with a padded seat angled so I can sit up on it and not use my hands much.
The good news is nothing is broken--I have always had bones like concrete and the only bones I know for certain I ever broke was my nose--but even that didn't show up on the x-rays.
But I do have the equivalent (as described to me) of a torn meniscus in both wrists, plus other damaged ligaments and tendons. Now, 2 months later, I'm still having certain motions painful and gripping stuff, especially with the left is tough. I see the hand ortho on Monday and probably will need cortisone shots. I'll ask about P/T. All the cuts and scrapes are long healed.

So I haven't been on the eBike much (weather has mostly sucked).
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