Re: Tips for getting into blackpowder?

i shoot (all repros) an m1861 springfield(euroarms), a sharps carbine(armi san marco) and berdan infantry rifle(armi sport), both paper cutters, and a colt army revolver. the craftsmanship is superb on all of them. if were just starting out, i'd go with the remington instead of the colt, simply because it's easier to swap cylinders. unlike smokeless, you MUST be rigorous about cleaning. have fun!
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Re: Tips for getting into blackpowder?

I don't know much about BP rifles / muskets, but I do have a Pietta 1860 Army revolver and it's tons of fun! I did a bunch of research before buying it, and I found that it's probably best to go with the steel framed guns over the brass for the sake of longevity... that being said, I don't shoot it much, especially during the dry months out here in Cali because of the fire danger, so I doubt I'd ever wear out a brass frame anyway.
Cleaning is a MUST with BP, and can be quite messy and time consuming, so be aware of that.
Also, if you buy something like the Pietta, I'd change out the nipples- I've found the stock ones to be frustrating and conducive to misfires.
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