Socially distanced Service Rifle league

I love to shoot Service Rifle, not to compete against others, but against myself. Most of the matches I care about are cancelled this summer, and maybe next summer also. I'll be darned if I will go without for a whole summer. These skills are perishable unless regularly exercised.

I'm a member of a number of forums. I am proposing a shoot-on-your-own Service Rifle league on the National Match forum (you would have to Register at the forum to see the proposal): ... is-summer/

The proposal is for 15 weekends of 100 yard Service/Match rifle, score your own targets on the honor system and turn scores in, probably starting the end of May. Targets would be reduced in size to simulate 200/300/600 yards.

This type of non-serious League is an opportunity to drag out lots of old military rifles.

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