Are there non NRA B2 and B3 targets

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Re: Are there non NRA B2 and B3 targets

#76 Post by Bucolic » Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:18 pm

lurker wrote:well this is interesting. spammer drops 3 posts, only one of which links to myteencam (i'm afraid to look). we're seeing "tuned" spam.
Odd, indeed. I got sucked in by the response to a very old post. The spammer rooted around for a while for that one.

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Re: Are there non NRA B2 and B3 targets

#77 Post by lurker » Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:51 pm

pretty much every time i see a new user, i check to see how long they've been a member, and how many posts they have. they really like to come in during the wee hours of the night. this one is unusual because of the cogency and good english. i've seen 3 or 4 of them recently, i think tailored spamming is the new thing. but the link to teencam was too much. epstein would likely be proud.

he* even made two cogent, relevant posts. i wonder if he'll be back to buy LGC-branded targets? appears to know something about the topic. hey, ertooso, what does spamming pay nowadays? social security only goes so far, y'know.
*assuming it's a he.

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