Ruger Blackhawk Reassembly...Help!

I just installed a Super Blackhawk trigger in my Ruger Blackhawk. Disassembly was a piece of cake. Reassembly had a few frustrations, but I've got it back together. Looks right. Cocks and fires just fine. Then I put the cylinder in, and it won't cock. I've taken cylinder out and put it back in several times. Same thing. Cylinder fine. Cylinder in...goes to like 1/4 cock.

Anyone know what's going on here?

Re: Ruger Blackhawk Reassembly...Help!

Any developments? Just cleaned my Blackhawk and checked function. First click retracts and then pops up the cylinder lock in the base of the cylinder frame. Also moves the pawl lever next to the firing pin, but not enough to see it protruding into the cylinder frame. Second click and it does protrude into the frame and stay until you pull the trigger. Base pin not fully inserted lets me only get the cylinder part way around.

Re: Ruger Blackhawk Reassembly...Help!

Blackhawk had to sit in pieces for awhile, but I sat down with it again today. Figured out the problem.

I compared the Super Blackhawk hammer to the original hammer and noticed it didn't have a hammer plunger. Took hammer plunger and spring with tiny little cross pin from original hammer and voila!

Well, another problem arose. End of the gate detent spring popped out in front of the loading gate. Quick search of the web reveals this is a common stumbling block. So much so that they actually make a clamp just for this step of reassembly. Link below: ... px?pid=978

Anyway, I took it apart and reassembled a few more times and ended up compressing the gate detent spring a little to much in the process, so now the loading gate is a little loose. Still works, but I'm going to dive back in tonight and see if I can adjust that. Or maybe just need to buy another spring.

So, this little project had me thinking about a couple of things.

1) People complain about disassembling a 1911. I didn't find it too bad (a few tricks to learn), but now it seems like child's play in comparison.

2) I found a great way to conserve ammo. Just keep your revolver disassembled for a couple months.

3) Why did I take this thing apart in the first place? Oh yeah. New hammer with lower hammer spur. Pretty nice. A little easier for one hand cocking, but I shoot this beast with 2 hands anyway.

Well, like with so many other trips, even if the destination didn't quite live up to the hype, there was some interesting scenery along the way. Who am I kidding? I'm feeling pretty proud right now.

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