Massachusetts town might use retroactive ordinance to get rid of FFL

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Massachusetts town might use retroactive ordinance to get rid of FFL

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New zoning could apply retroactively to Dedham gun shop
J & J Arms, a gun and ammunition shop, generated intense opposition over its location in a neighborhood business district close to a park and schools. Shortly after the store opened, Town Meeting voted on Nov. 25 to impose new zoning rules that would prohibit gun shops from locating anywhere in town except for a small area designated as an “adult use overlay district.”

Local officials say the rule would apply retroactively to J & J Arms, since Dedham posted the proposed zoning change in August — before the gun shop received approval to open.

“It was discussed at Town Meeting and clarified by town counsel that [the rule] would be retroactive, because under Massachusetts zoning law, once notice is given of a zoning amendment, the rule applies,” said Town Manager Leon Goodwin.
Residents of Dedham have been "outraged" since the firearm dealer applied to open last fall.
Residents voice concerns as gun shop sets to open near Dedham playground
In the wake of back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, some residents said they are outraged that J and J Arms gun store is set to open on Bussy Street.

“I get it. Some people feel like they need them to protect themselves but with everything that is happening, the last thing we need is more gun stores in the world,” said Sharon Kathryn, who opposes the shop.

The town said the area is zoned for business and it does not have any detailed rules governing gun stores.

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Re: Massachusetts town might use retroactive ordinance to get rid of FFL

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Gun shops have become like porn shops, restrict them to seedy parts of town. How about restricting the number of coffee houses, coffee isn't environmentally friendly. ... ce22c163ca
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