US Border Patrol drops off hundreds of migrants at a San Diego bus stop.

Hundreds of migrants were dropped off Friday at a San Diego bus stop instead of at a reception center that had been serving as a staging area because it ran out of local funding sooner than expected, showing how even the largest city on the country’s southern border is struggling to cope with the unprecedented influx of people. Migrants who previously had a safe place to charge phones, use the bathroom, eat a meal and arrange to head elsewhere in the U.S. were now left on the street as migrant aid groups scrambled to help out as best they could with makeshift arrangements.

Border Patrol buses carrying migrants from Senegal, China, Ecuador, Rwanda and many other countries arrived outside a transit center. Migrant aid groups said they would be bused from there to a parking lot where they could charge their phones and get a ride to the airport. The vast majority planned to spend only a few hours in San Diego before taking a flight or having someone pick them up. “Are we in San Diego?” asked Gabriel Guzman, 30, a painter from the Dominican Republic who was released after crossing the border in remote mountains on Thursday. He was told to appear in June in an immigration court in Boston, where he hopes to earn money to send home to his three children.
The transit center parking lot was full of cars, giving migrants nowhere to stand, and there were no public bathrooms. A taxi driver offered a ride to San Diego International Airport for $100, double what ride-sharing apps were charging. Some migrants dispersed in the neighborhood when volunteers were unable to reach them with instructions to wait on the sidewalk. San Diego County has given $6 million since October to SBCS, a nonprofit formerly known as South Bay Community Services, to provide phone-charging stations, food, travel advice and other services at a former elementary school. The group aimed to keep it open through March, but Thursday was its last day. San Diego is one of many local governments that have struggled to help migrants without sacrificing key services, including New York, Chicago and Denver. Like other border cities, migrants tend to stay in San Diego less than a day before moving on, but large shelters operated by Jewish Family Service and Catholic Charities have been full for months, giving priority to families.
From October to January, the Border Patrol released more than 500,000 migrants with orders to appear in immigration court. Migrant aid groups are generally able to provide temporary shelter, but street releases are not unheard of. The San Diego transit center was also the scene of large-scale releases last year. San Diego has emerged as one of the busiest corridors for illegal crossings, with an average of 800 arrests a day in January. Many are from West Africa and Asia, with a daily average of more than 100 from China in January. The Border Patrol told migrant aid groups to expect 350 street releases on Friday, said Pedro Rios, director of American Friends Service Committee’s U.S.-Mexico border program. The agency did not provide numbers when asked. ... 99942dc1f5

Biden continues to dither on immigration and the southern border. Does he piss off advocacy groups in the "shadow party" or piss off the majority of voters who don't think he has any control over our borders.

Not all migrants are from Mexico, Central and South America, Chinese are in the top three.
They typically fly into Ecuador, where they do not need a visa. Then, like hundreds of thousands of other migrants from Central and South America and more distant locations, they pay smugglers to guide their travel through the dangerous jungle between Colombia and Panama en route to the United States. Once there, they turn themselves in to border officials and many seek asylum. And most succeed, in turn fueling further attempts. Chinese citizens are more successful than people from other countries with their asylum claims in immigration court. And those who are not end up staying anyway because China usually will not take them back. ... order.html
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Re: US Border Patrol drops off hundreds of migrants at a San Diego bus stop.

Tell China to take them back or no LNG goes to China from the US. The oil companies are wanting an LNG pipeline from Southern California to Mexico and ship from Mexico to China.
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Re: US Border Patrol drops off hundreds of migrants at a San Diego bus stop.

The economic situation is dire in China. The central government has been lying to the public and the world about their GDP but the migrant Chinese laborers know that they haven’t been paid for their work in years! People are giving up on the cities but only a few are returning empty handed to their villages. Many are taking a chance by flying to Latin America then making the perilous journey north to the U.S.
Here in Los Angeles undocumented workers from China are as ubiquitous as Mexican laborers now. They recognize each other as competition but the Southland is uniquely suited to hosting both cultures with their languages and food everywhere so that you can make money and live OK without ever learning to speak English. A very unique situation here that appears more symbiotic than parasitic for migrants and locals (where even the locals are mere generations apart from newly arrived migrants sharing the same cultures and languages).
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