We’re at the deadline for public comment on these bills, and wanted to make sure that you were aware so you can weigh in on these proposed bills before the comment period is closed

Not all of these bills are bad. One bill looks to add CCW reciprocity, create tax credits for safe storage, allow for carry while hiking, and some other good stuff we’re in favor of it. It can be found here: HB 6817

Then we get to this: microstamping. This tech has proven completely unviable in California where the idea of requiring it was first put into law. It’s been required since the early 2010’s since it was “validated as a viable technology” by then AG Kamala Harris and exactly zero handguns were produced with this technology. It has, however, been used to massively reduce the number of handgun options in the state while preventing residents from getting new guns added to the California roster.

This is a waste of time and resources and should be opposed: HB 6816

We’ve talked about the stupidity of feature bans previously many times. They are simply targeting something that “looks” scary. Cosmetics have exactly nothing to do with adding lethality when compared to their not-scary-looking wood stocked cousins; CT is updating the ban while not tackling anything resembling root causes.

Combined with making illegal possession “more” illegal, upping the penalties for simple magazine possession, and other onerous things, there’s no reason to pass this bill: HB 6667

If you live in the state, you can weigh in on these bills here:

  • Browse to the page
  • Enter your name or Anonymous
  • Select the 3/6/2023 hearing date. All four bills will show in the box below. You can select them all or submit individually.
  • Select support, oppose or general comments
  • Select if you want to type in your testimony or upload
  • Fill out or upload as necessary
  • Check off the Captcha box to prove you are a person and submit. You will be given the opportunity to submit for multiple bills if you want to do them individually.