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The mission of The Liberal Gun Club is to provide a pro-Second Amendment voice for left-of-center gun owners in the national conversations on firearms.

In order to achieve our mission, we encourage new participants in the shooting sports and provide firearms safety and shooting instruction programs; as well as providing a forum for civil discourse on these issues.

Bernie Sanders

I like the guy, I really do. I am with him on greater than 90% of his positions. However, recently he did an interview with NPR, to "clarify" his position on guns, and it sounds like he got himself some DNC party line advisors to write his position, rather than think...

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Tragedy in Charleston, SC

Another tragedy, dare I say terrorist attack, and we are treated to another series of hand wringing by pundits and politicians all around. I won't summarize, it was a terrible day for 9 families and a much larger community. The Charleston mayor said this, which...

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Range Report: Oroville Wildlife Refuge DWP Public Range

Submitted by forum member CDFingers: ________________________________________________ Having done the journey from the hinterlands down to Chabot, I know what a drive of gnarl it is between Butte County and the Bay Area. I understand. When the weather is a bit nicer,...

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