Submitted by Oregon LGC:

Sunday, April 24, 2016 was range day for the Oregon LGC.  Not just any range day, this was the first outing since we organized into an official local chapter of The Liberal Gun Club! The day was scattered with showers and sunlight and ranged from cool to mild, depending.

A range south of Portland was chosen that had both a move-and-shoot range for pistol-caliber shooting, as well as rifle ranges of varying distance.  First up was the move-and-shoot, with barrel barricades and steel targets.  One could shoot from a stationary position at the table, or move through the bay, firing at the steel targets from cover or on the move.  Fun!  It was my first time shooting on the move, and it was a hoot.  Heck, I even managed to hit a few of the targets!  There were reloads on the move with magazines and speed loaders.  Here is a sample of what was used in this portion of the shoot:



  • Glock 21 (.45ACP)  First use – broken-in at this meeting!
  • Ruger SP101 3” in .357
  • Walther PPQ M1 – 9mm; Dawson precision fiber optic front sight; 10-8 u-notch rear sight; Talon grips
  • Springfield Armory XDM 5.25″ – 9mm; Match Trigger; Talon Grips
  • Ruger 10/22 – 22lr; Kidd automatic bolt catch
  • Uberti Schofield(s) – 38spc; 7 inch barrel
  • Pioneer Gun Works Winchester ’73 – 357mag/38spc; Action job; Short stroke kit
  • Zastava 999 (9 mm) Very nice!

All in all, a nice variety of firearms in the action bay!

pic1 pic8

Next up was the 50/100 yard rifle range.  We set up the target at 50 yards and had at it.   We shot the following at the rifle range:


  • Bulgarian AK74
  • AR pistol w/ 8” barrel, chambered in 5.45×39
  • AR w/16” barrel, chambered in 5.45×39

Rifles were provided by DukeNukemIncarnate (who also built the latter two).


It was a fun and safe outing, and plans were made for another range trip in June.  Thanks to everyone who generously shared their equipment and ammo!