On last night’s episode of Training Talk, I had the pleasure of talking with martial arts master Cecil Burch. He’s one of the foremost practitioners of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the world, along with having high belts and instructor credentials in a bunch of other disciplines. If anyone can speak to the topic of martial arts for self defense, it’s Cecil!

Which is exactly what he did during our wide-ranging conversation. If you’ve wondered about getting martial arts training, whether you carry a firearm or are interested in defending yourself when you don’t have a gun, this is a discussion you don’t want to miss. I learned a lot from Cecil, and I know you will too.

In addition, Rob Pincus drops in for a few minutes to tell us about the PDN Training Tour and a new class he’s doing about defense around vehicles.

Click here to watch the replay.

– Grant

P.S.: There’s a technical glitch a few minutes in. I disappear for a half-minute or so, but I managed to reboot everything fairly quickly.


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