Car prowler

The first Training Talk episode of 2018 was like throwing a lit match into a dynamite factory: Should you use lethal force to protect your property?

My special guest Aaron Israel of Fundamental Defense and I discussed a Christmas Eve incident where a man shot and killed his 22-year-old son, mistakenly believing that he was a car thief stealing the man’s pickup.

It was a tragedy of epic proportions, but it was born out of the notion that a gun is an appropriate response to a property crime. Aaron and I discuss the incident, what went wrong, how it could have been handled instead, and then apply the lessons to other incidents where property — rather than human life — is threatened.

This is an episode certain to make some people uncomfortable and to offend others. I hope it does, because it’s a serious discussion that far too many people in the defensive training world shy away from.

Except us. Be sure to watch or listen to the recording.

– Grant


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