“Cognitive dissonance – Volume 2”

Ok, conservative pro-gun folks, your turn. Yesterday, I had some things to say to my fellow liberals. I was sarcastic, possibly unkind, and invoked Godwin’s Law in all but literally naming the psychopath with the mustache.
Now, some things to ponder, in no particular order:

Some guy who claims to be a Christian pastor is celebrating that “there are 50 less pedophiles in the world.”

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas weighs in.

“Gays break the internet” in response to homophobic reactions to the shooting.

Oh yeah, another guy who claims to be a Christian is issuing death threats to Target customers. Meanwhile, someone actually bombed a Target restroom.

It’s a real shame all those ISIS-following, Sharia-Law-loving, America-hating Muslims are running amok and celebrating the deaths of 50 people, threatening to kill more people, blowing stuff up, and enforcing their view of the world on us good Christian folk.

I will leave it as an exercise to the reader to guess how some of these people are likely to vote.

That was sarcasm.

You cannot simultaneously threaten people because of their gender identity due to some imagined threat to your imaginary daughter and wonder where those “Radical Islamic Terrorists” get off by killing people from THE SAME DAMN GROUP. Its about time you folks stop worrying about the Muslim community and start worrying about how much you resemble those “Radical Islamic Terrorists” that the President supposedly refuses to acknowledge.

You know that argument we make about how the vast majority of gun owners are peaceful and law abiding? There are 1.3 BILLION Muslims in the world. If they were all terrorists, no capacity of magazine would save you.

Let’s put aside the fact that the author of this article almost certainly won’t apply the same logic to gun owners and violence (I am indeed assuming something that may not actually be true.) His point, for those who won’t click through to the article, and certainly won’t click through to the sources for the article? 94% of the terrorist attacks in the US have been by non-Muslims. 98% of terrorist attacks in Europe are committed by non-Muslims. That’s a whole lot of death waged by people without a Qur’an in their nightstand.