This is open to any pistol with open sites. It is meant to be done from a standing position. All targets are to be shot at a distance of 15 feet. Final judgment on scores is up to me. The prize is a nice new LGC bumper sticker.

October makes me think of fall, fall makes me think of festivals and carnivals. Which leads us to our current match.

There are 2 targets:

1) … allery.pdf


2) … l_star.pdf

Your task:

Target 1) – you are allowed one shot at each duck. Shots in the yellow body of the duck are worth 2 points each. Shots in the red ring are 5 points each, shots in the black circle are 10 points – for a maximum possible 90 points.

Target 2) – You are to try to clear all the red. You are allowed the following # of shots depending on the caliber you are shooting:

.22, .25 or similar = 13 shots
.357, 9mm or similar = 8 shots
.44, .45 or similar = 7 shots

Your score: Anyone clearing more than half of the red gets 5 points. If you clear all of the red you get 10 points. If you clear more than anyone else does then you get 2 bonus points.

3) Additional points –
2 bonus points if you are a member of The LGC
If more than 1 LGC member shoots these together then everyone gets extra points ( 2 extra points for every LGC member that shoots with you).

If anyone other than Paladin wins I will throw in a subscription to American Gun Culture Report (sorry Paladin).

This is a relatively easy competition that I have tried to scale for different pistols. You can shoot at these targets with almost anything. Someone needs to beat Paladin – this is the match to do it in.