The November Postal Match has been announced and this one should be a good one for all you rimfire fans, especially if you own a Ruger.

This month’s postal match is sponsored by Bullseye Pistol Gear .

Since this match is about rimfire pistols and one of the most popular rimfire pistol manufacturers is Ruger, the prizes here follow the theme of “Deck Out Your Ruger”!

With that in mind, Bullseye Pistol Gear has been gracious enough to sponsor this match by donating the following prizes:

1. a Clark “Customizing The Ruger Mark II Pistol” DVD !

But wait, that’s not all!!! Oh no, this isn’t just some every day, ordinary, contest. Despite the coolness of the DVD, Bullseye Pistol Gear will also give the winner

2. a $50 gift certificate to spend on *anything* on their Ruger page.

So, *if* you are lucky enough to win this month, you will get both the DVD on how to customize your Ruger as well as some money to get it accomplished.

These are great prizes for a great match. Go thank Bullseye and at least give them a visit and check out all of their gear. They have a good selection and I have been pleased with their service.

You can check out the details and rules here.

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