Good stuff here, we were turned onto the folks over at CCW Safe by our lead instructor, Alessandro, and we decided to reach out to them to see if we could get something for our members- and they happily obliged with a 10% discount off of their already great prices. You can get the discount code from our membership portal here. No catch, nothing else to sign up for. So what is it?

CCW Safe is self defense coverage. It’s not insurance- if you are involved in a defensive shooting situation, they will cover your legal fees, court costs, and other stuff (with disclaimers of course). The pricing if you are a CCW holder starts at just $180/year, which is darned reasonable. We looked at a similar program to offer to members last year, but they were not available in all states, while CCW Safe is. They also offer coverage for non CCW holders, albeit at a higher price.

It’s worth looking into, and if you are interested, grab the discount code from the membership portal and head on over to 

We don’t get any kickbacks for the program, it’s just something we thought our membership could benefit from. As with anything, make sure it fits your specific needs first, but they are worth a look if you’re in the market.