LGC Bullseye Match #17 is now history. A record number of LGC members participated in that match.  Due to popular demand, the next postal match will be a reprise of the one-handed “bullseye” match, Even-Handed Justice.  The latter was in response to requests for a one-handed  match; it had a very successful debut with 28 total classes shot by nine participants.

The match will be shot from 10 yards, not 15 like the Bullseye matches.  There are separate classes for strong and weak hand and for rimfire and centerfire pistols.  There is no distinction between glass and iron sights, so up to four classes can be shot by each entrant though it is not necessary to shoot all four. The timing and scoring are identical to the Bullseye matches.

Participants in the first of these matches nearly all expressed their enjoyment while admitting that the match is a bit daunting.  Many said that they felt that practicing for and shooting this match helped with their development as pistol shooters.  Give it a try. It’s fun.

Given that we are entering the holiday season and that the late fall and winter weather may make it difficult for some to shoot the match at outdoor ranges, we are allowing ample time for the competition.  The match will close on Sunday, February 3, 2019, the day after Ground Hog Day.

Details on the course of fire, target selection, timing, etc., including how to submit your scores can be found here: The LGC One Handed Justice Match Rules