This past May Grant Cunningham joined us in Richmond, California to teach the LGC’s Intro to Defensive Shooting Instructor course, a curriculum he developed for us in 2016. As participants complete the certification process we wanted to keep you in the loop. Expanding our roster of instructors throughout the country is key a part of the Liberal Gun Club’s education mission. We are pleased to introduce our new instructors–read on to meet them!


Marshall has always enjoyed teaching, so when he first started learning about firearms some years ago he knew he would end up helping others learn too. He enjoys shooting everything from cowboy-era relics to modern models, and absorbs all he can about everything from ballistics to self-defense law. Marshall’s day job is building software, but when not writing code, he spends as much time as possible outdoors.

Marshall is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting and the Intro to Defensive Shooting courses. He serves the regions of SW Wisconsin, SE Minnesota, and NE Iowa. Welcome Marshall!


Next up, Jim is a retired Naval aviator whose interest in firearms goes back to his college years. His initial training with was with a former LE/SWAT instructor. Over the years he has attended multiple tactical shooting courses in several states. For the past five years he has been an RSO and instructor with Team Three Tactical.

Jim has completed certification in the Intro to Defensive Shooting instructor course and will be serving the SF Bay Area, especially the East Bay. Welcome Jim!


Raised in a progressive San Francisco family, Kevin harbored an unvoiced interest in firearms that didn’t break free until the early 1990s, when a distant relative offered him the family’s Winchester 1892 rifle (in 38 WCF). That sweet little rifle has come to share space in the safe with a variety of pistols and revolvers.


Kevin holds pistol and range officer credentials from another firearms organization he left for the LGC. A registered nurse, he holds a California public health nurse certificate and a wilderness first responder credential from the Wilderness Medicine Institute/National Outdoor Leadership School. His other interests include foreign and domestic travel; books and the book arts; flags; and U.S. and modern European history. Kevin has spent significant time abroad, and speaks fluent German.

Kevin has completed certification in the Intro Defensive Shooting instructor course and will be serving the South SF Bay Area, especially Santa Clara county. Welcome Kevin!


Last but not least, Nigel is a retired aerospace engineer whose interest in guns stems from a love of all things mechanical. He enjoys collecting and tinkering with older firearms.

Nigel completed the Intro to Range Safety and Intro to Defensive Shooting instructor courses and is available to students in San Diego county.


The Liberal Gun Club currently hosts 3 training courses–Intro to Range Safety and Shooting, Firearm Familiarization, and Intro to Defensive Shooting–and we are actively seeking instructors to teach these courses across the nation. If you are interested in teaching with the LGC, please read about these courses on our Training page and send an email to to tell us a bit about yourself. We look forward to adding you to our instructor roster!

If you are located in one of the regions listed above and are interested in training, please fill out the contact form on the Training page

See you on the range…