Following our very successful Annual Meeting and some high-profile press coverage in the aftermath, the LGC’s Instructor Training program attracted lots of new candidates over the last few months. Read on to meet our newest batch of certified instructors.

Eliott was born in raised in Madison WI. He’s been hunting since he was 12 years old, mostly on land that has been used by his family going on 5 generations. He has an interest in hunting, long distance shooting, and hand gun shooting.

Eliott is certified in the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting and Firearms Familiarization courses, and will serve the Madison, WI area.


Justin Faircloth is a Charlotte, NC native and independent political progressive, as well as an active musician and real estate investor/manager.  He is a member of several area ranges and clubs and is proficient in pistol, rifle and shotgun on multiple platforms and calibers.  His training background is in modern defensive firearms and tactics. . . but is happy to shoot the older and interesting stuff too!  Justin also enjoys old trucks and bikes, staying fit, traveling the world and spending time outdoors with his family. He welcomes new shooters of all ages and backgrounds and only requires a positive attitude and willingness to listen and learn.

Justin is certified to teach all LGC classes and serves as lead instructor for the North Carolina/South Carolina region.


Sergio was introduced to semi-auto firearms in his early teens including small game hunting with 22LR rifles while on summer breaks in rural Mexico. He has been an active IDPA, USPSA and 3-Gun competition shooter since 2015. He hopes to introduce as many people as he can to the safe handling and operation of firearms. 

Sergio is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting course and will serve the area near Conroe, TX.


When Bill was 12, his father introduced him to his first rifle and throughout his younger years, mostly in scouting, he continued to shoot rifles. After a while, he fell out of the hobby but at the end of 2007 he decided to purchase a firearm to go shooting again with his father as a bonding experience. Since that time, Bill has continued to increase his skills by taking various training programs. Now he would like to give back and help newcomers learn how to be safe and proficient with firearms in a welcoming environment.

Bill is certified to teach the Intro to Defensive Shooting course and will serve the San Francisco Bay Area.


The Liberal Gun Club currently hosts 3 training courses–Intro to Range Safety and Shooting, Firearm Familiarization, and Intro to Defensive Shooting–and we are actively seeking instructors to teach these courses across the nation. If you are interested in teaching with the LGC, please read about these courses on our Training page and send an email to to tell us a bit about yourself. We look forward to adding you to our instructor roster!

If you are located in one of the regions listed above and are interested in training, please fill out the contact form on the Training page

See you on the range…