Drills, Drills, Drills.

The day progressed through a series of skill building exercises based on the unpredictable nature of self-defense. Alessandro’s curriculum integrates situational awareness with practical marksmanship and manipulations with the sidearm.

Finally the sun peeked out from the clouds for final drill of the day, the figure-8 drill. Students walked in a figure 8 pattern with a set of distinct targets, including realistic 3-D figures presenting different threats. At random intervals, the instructor called out a specific threat to be responded to; perhaps at a moment when the student is placed in a less than optimum body position to respond.

At the end of the day, we discussed the class, and everyone mentioned that they had learned a new skill or point of improvement. Obviously, these are skills none of us ever hope to put into use. But the nature of self-defense is to be prepared for the worst, while seeking to avoid a situation which forces no other choice.