Membership Resources

Membership Resources

The LGC is proud to be an Affiliate club of the

Recommended Reading

Priorities for Research  (CDC study commissioned by President Obama on methods to reduce violence 2013)


Member Owned Companies: Firearms Related Businesses

Rocky River Leather  (Custom/handmade holsters and belts)

Tinkers Swords (Custom Swords)

Grant Cunningham (Instructor/Author)

The Bench Doctor (Gunsmith, FFL Type 7, SOT in Oregon)

Hewett Enterprises (Magazine loaders/Plate/etc)

Tim Foreman (Woodworking/reloading blocks, cartridge boxes, etc)

Frog.PRO (Tactical/shooting gear)

Rocket Armory (FFL/Springfield MO)

Wander Tactical (Knives/Blades)

Scorpius Arms (Gunsmith/FFL Southern Oregon)

Superior Sound Technologies (Custom hearing protection, Bay Area California)

iFightBack Simulator (Interactive Self Defense Simulation Software)

E.H. Campbell Trading Company (Leatherwork/holsters/scabbards/etc)

Jade Shooting (Specializing in firearms related gear and accessories for women) 

TXBuiltLeather (Hand made leather items) 

Guidance Steel (Steel Target Shooting, Richmond, CA)

Zacktical Firearms (FFL, Sacramento, CA)  

SparkDog Firearms (Online Firearms and Accessories)

Member Owned Companies: Other Business Types

Legacy Bookbindery

Lawyers Saratoga (New York)

Mat’s Machinations (Jewelry)

Lara C Smith (Lawyer, California)

Dark Road Trading Company (Homespun goods)


Forts of the Frontier West

Evil Toad Studios Original Art, Props and Home Decor

Don Appel NY Based Therapist




S.C. Hayden

Jim Downey

Race Hochdorf

The Deck Chef


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