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One of the perks of membership is that The Liberal Gun Club is a CMP affiliated club. This means that you can print your membership card as qualifying for purchases through the CMP, including their M1 Garands and 1911’s. You’ll also need proof of participation in a shooting event or sign off by a range officer that you indeed were at the range and threw some lead down range, as well as filling out some paperwork. Depending on the state you live in the rifle may be shipped to you directly or to an FFL, check out the CMP Website for details.

CCW Safe:

50 state legal service membership for all gun owners. This is not insurance, it provides legal coverage in the event you are forced to use your gun in self defense, inside or outside your home

10% Discount off of your membership

2AOS: 5% off and they donate 10% of the net sales of all Athlon products back to the club. 

Missouri Bullet Company: 

5% discount for all LGC Members 

Combat Flip Flops:

Bad for running, terrible for fighting. Great stuff and great mission though!

15% discount off your order  


Other benefits (i.e what does your membership money get spent on?):

We currently have instructors throughout the country that teach firearm introduction courses and defensive pistol classes

Our media outreach has included interviews with NPR, The LA Times, Politico, The BBC, Vice News, and others. We continue to move the conversation forward regarding the changing face of gun ownership in America.

In 2019, we participated in our first Amicus Brief for the Supreme Court, supporting the plaintiff in challenging one of the more egregious firearms laws in the country.

On our blog, we regularly publish articles addressing a multitude of firearms related issues from our unique perspective as gun owning liberals.

And we’ve spent a good amount of time and effort building and updating our policy piece around the root causes of violence which had been overlooked by both sides of the debate for decades.


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