There appears to be a problem with recurring payments for those of you generous enough to do that.

The system may tell you your membership is suspended.

You can do a couple of things while I work with the vendor to figure this out:

1) Switch your membership to Basic, and just pay 10 bucks for the year. Since the lowest recurring membership is 5$ a month, that should be easy for you if you do recurring and will let the system stop nagging you.

2) Cancel your recurring payment (I actually can’t do this, you have to) and start over.

3) If you have been debited already, contact me through the forums or Facebook and I will correct it manually.

If all esle fails, contact me and I will manually adjust your membership if you need it for CMP. I will try and get this resolved today, but not sure whats wrong, nor am I sure if its PayPal or the Membership software. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will update you when its fixed.