Occasionally, we get requests to modify email subscriptions or remove people from the lists altogether.

Occasionally those requests are abusive and profanity laden. Sometimes they are from people who think they paid, but never did, and can’t be bothered to check their credit card or PayPal account.

Good news! If you would like to stop getting email, before you send us your “FCC Unfriendly” tirade, here’s the easy fix and you can do it yourself!

Login to https://membership.theliberalgunclub.com

Click on “Login” usually in the upper right of the screen. Once logged in, click on your name, now in the upper right of the screen. It should take you to “My Profile” then click Email subscriptions.

In my Profile, click “Edit Profile”

Then un-check the email notifications.

Its that simple! All without cussing us out!