As you may remember, we relocated the club headquarters to MA after a leadership change, and the local paper picked up the fact we existed. So they ran a story:

Its a good article, and its gotten some syndication around the Commonwealth, which of course garnered some of the usually attention, you may recall this post:

Anyway, in perusing local gun forums, I found this:

“If it’s Liberal because it believes in wealth redistribution, I don’t think it’s possible.”

It’s stuff like this when I remember a great many 2a folks are often NOT single issue voters. this particular author may not be that type, but it got me thinking. 

Some people need to stop pretending its about the guns and admit it. If it was about the guns then they would want more of us and they would want us to dismantle the Democratic party plank from the inside. For a group so fond of fearing everything a false flag, one might think something resembling an actual rearguard action would appeal to their conspiracy mindedness.
But they won’t, because gays shouldn’t have rights, poor should be cast out and black people should learn their place. Guns are a good excuse to pretend its otherwise, it makes it seem almost noble.

All politics is local. I am more likely to change my neighbors mind if he already agrees with me on most things. 

Is it easy? Obviously not, and I still care about the other things, so each decision is made individually, and often skews D given the choices I have. That is true of many, but far from all, of my fellow LGC members. 

All politics is local.