Press release from our compatriots at the Liberal Gun Owners Association (h/t senorgrand):


Liberal Gun Owners Association Warns New Law is a Dangerous Violation of Civil Liberties

SACRAMENTO, October 1, 2014 – The Liberal Gun Owners Association (LGOA) called the signing of AB 1014 (gun restraining orders) by California Governor Jerry Brown a dangerous violation of civil liberties.

“Law-abiding gun owners will now fear seeking help from family members and mental health professionals, and have yet another reason to put an attorney on speed-dial,” said Wooten.

Starting in 2015, California gun owners who seek help for mental health issues from medical professionals or even family members can their homes searched by law enforcement and a simple innocuous statement like, I’ve been depressed since my dog died, can quickly thrust them into a criminal court proceeding.

“Under this new law, if you’re suspected by your aunt of being depressed, you have fewer rights than if the police suspected you of murder,” said Wooten. “A murder suspect only appears before a judge when charged with a crime, is innocent until proven guilty and is guaranteed a trial by jury. But under AB 1014, a family member can have the police search your home and drag you before a criminal judge based on hearsay evidence. In fact, there doesn’t even have to be any proof you actually own a gun for this to happen.”

AB1014 is modeled on a Connecticut law that was in place before the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place. That law didn’t prevent that tragedy and may have contributed the self-imposed isolation of the Lanza family.

The Liberal Gun Owners Association (LGOA) is a California nonprofit advocating for the rights of gun owners, from a leftist perspective. LGOA President, Eric Wooten, was a registered lobbyist and liberal activist in Sacramento for more than a decade. For more information, see or our affiliated comrades at


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