It has been a busy time for the Liberal Gun Owners Association. Here’s what we did in recent weeks:

1) San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed

Our editorial appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on December 11th and was mentioned by the San Jose Mercury News on December 12th.


In this editorial, the LGOA took the position that the gun buybacks held in Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco and other California cities were empty photo ops masquerading as solutions to systemic societal problems that are the real cause of violence.


2) FOIA Request

On December 3rd, LGOA filed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) with the FBI that was prompted by an Associated Press story published on November 26th. In the story, the FBI stated that 186,000 background checks were never completed in 2013 because individual states are not providing accurate information in a timely manner.


It is the position of the Liberal Gun Owners Association (LGOA) that if background checks are going to be required, such checks should be both timely and accurate, and states should ensure they are in compliance with existing federal law before seeking further state laws that restrict, reduce or otherwise restrain Second Amendment rights.


LGOA therefore asked for the number of times the following states were delinquent in there reporting to the FBI: CA, CO, CT, DC, HI, IL, NM, MA, MD, MI, MN, NJ, NY, RI and WA.


The FBI has acknowledged our request and we will keep you updated on its status.


3) Amicus Brief

LGOA has been asked to be part of an amicus curiea brief opposing the petition for rehearing Peruta v. County of San Diego by an en blanc panel of the 9th Circuit Court. Our position is that since it is illegal to open carry in California and the process for obtaining a concealed carry permit is inherently prejudicial, moving to an en blanc panel is just another tactic to deny our rights through delay. Especially since one side or the other will certainly appeal to the US Supreme Court regardless of outcome.


The draft of the petition should be available before Christmas. Stay tuned.


4) LGOA E-Team Recruiting

With our increased visibility in the press, we need supporters to provide assistance when LGOA has pieces posted online.


We need supporters who can write supportive comments and also simply “like” or “up-vote” LGOA comments.


By signing-up, you will get occasional alerts from us with instructions on what to do. This will probably require less than 10 minutes a month of work on your part, but could have a significant impact on our messaging.


If you want to be an E-Team recruit, please email me at Provide your name, city and your Liberal Gun Club Forum screenname. For now, only LGC forum members with at least 50 posts will be considered.

We understand that such a rule may exclude supporters whose input we would value, but we have no other process to ensure the earnestness of a volunteer, yet. In-person conversations build trust and understanding most quickly, and we would like to meet those of you who we do not know, in the New Year.

Thank you for all your support and have a Happy and Safe Holidays!

Eric Wooten


Liberal Gun Owners Association