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Announcing the LGC Vimeo Channel!

Sometimes, YouTube removes videos from our channel because they think we did something wrong. Sometimes we can figure it out. Sometimes we can't. Other folks, like the fabulous folks at InRange use Vimeo for videos with content SPECIFICALLY NOT allowed on YouTube....

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LGC Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays! It's that time of year again! Gift giving season! No matter what your holiday is, so many people give gifts this time of year. We thought we might help, and make some suggestions based on our member’s small businesses! The club has authors, artisans,...

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The Liberal Gun Club

Recently, we were asked some questions for a follow up to an industry article. We'll post that when its available, but I thought the questions were good, and the answers might be useful in describing us to your friends and family. What's the most important thing long...

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Looting and rioting

“And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? ... It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more...

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The first test of Freedom Week

That we're aware of anyway. For those of you who aren't following this, there was an injunction put in place regarding a new law in California over magazine possession. We wrote about that and the later "36 hours of parole" or "Freedom Couple of Days" here:...

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Trauma kits and summer

Summer is here, and as we start to venture forth in to the world from our various bunkers, I started to wonder about the EDC trauma kit I carry, and how it looked a bit silly with shorts: If you don't have an SFD Responder, you need one. Comfortable, durable, and...

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Silence is Complicity

The events of the last couple weeks weigh heavy. While we try to keep the club and the page focused, we can't stay silent on this subject, regardless of what some might have us do. The Liberal Gun Club advocates that  every single person is entitled to every single...

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Did you hear what happened in Boston?

In Boston, during a verbal dispute, an unarmed teenage boy was forcefully hit in the head with the butt of a weapon by local law enforcement. Word of the incident spread quickly and a large number of locals gathered in the street where the incident had happened to...

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Planned Website/Forum Outage

If you happen to be trying to jump on the forums or our website tomorrow after 5pm EST, you'll probably be unsuccessful, as we are moving to a new hosting company that fits our needs better than the existing hosting company. We will be back online by Saturday morning...

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Managing your email preferences

Occasionally, we get requests to modify email subscriptions or remove people from the lists altogether. Occasionally those requests are abusive and profanity laden. Sometimes they are from people who think they paid, but never did, and can't be bothered to check their...

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A Wild 36 Hours in California

Well, for those of you who don't live in California, this case has probably not been at the top of your mind, but for those of us who live here, we've been keeping an eye on this case for the last couple of years, after opposing the original ballot measures and...

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If you are a sustaining member, and need to conserve cash, all you have to do is switch your membership level to "Individual" if you need to suspend monthly donations. You don't need to cancel entirely. Donate only if you can afford it. We won't take away any...

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The “Liberal” Gun Club

Yes, I owe a detailed State of the Club post, I'm working on it. I promise its not a "Game of Thrones" promise, it will get written, this year even! But, coming off the success of the annual meeting, and the press that followed it (mostly local), and some other things...

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