Hey Folks.


It’s me, your merchandising director. Hope y’all are enjoying your evening!

So far the LGC store has mainly experienced old fashioned problems. You know, sourcing products and sending orders where they need to go.

Right now users are unable to complete sales, the cart and checkout pages say things that only certain people can understand. I am not one of them. Working in text based interfaces is not compatible with my brain’s firmware.

Apparently, this is because our e-commerce provider has done a major software update. Sort of like how Apple breaks legacy device support for imaging hardware with each new OS release. (My pet peeve with Apple).

Our tech folks are getting to this as quickly as they can, so hang tight. I am sure we will all be OK if you aren’t able to order anything right now. Thank goodness this has nothing to do with the corona virus, the democratic primary, or Donald Trump..

Perhaps once we are back online we will have a sale to celebrate our renewed (and functional) e-commerce module.

One of many things I really like about guns is that if something is not working you can usually just take the damn thing apart and figure it out.

Not so with computers….

Enough said…