The Northern California Chapter of the Liberal Gun Club has released the following:

October 14, 2013
Press Release — For Immediate Release

The Northern California Chapter of the Liberal Gun Club Applauds Governor Brown’s Veto of SB 374:
Senator Steinberg’s Gun Ban Was Ineffective, Illegal and an Impediment to a Progressive Agenda

SACRAMENTO – Members of the Northern California Chapter of the Liberal Gun Club strongly support Governor Brown’s veto of SB 374 (Steinberg), which would have made millions of guns currently owned by Californians illegal. As the Governor correctly stated in his veto message, “these rifles are commonly used for hunting, firearms training, and marksmanship practice, as well as some historical and collectible firearms.”

We agree with Governor Brown in his assessment that SB 374 would do little to enhance public safety. In addition, given Supreme Court decisions in McDonald v. Chicago and District of Columbia v. Heller, SB 374 would have required a lengthy and expensive court battle that would likely end in it being overturned as unconstitutional.

“Political placebos like SB 374 do nothing to enhance public safety, but have a real possibility of jeopardizing seats held by Democrats in swing districts,” said Marlene Hoeber, chapter president. “Democrats worked hard to secure super-majorities in both houses of the California Legislature and we should be using this opportunity to address the underlying causes of violence, like poverty, unemployment and poor mental health care.”

Governor Brown has preserved the ability of the Democratic Party to make good fiscal and social policy in California. SB 374 would have been one of the few issues that might have swayed voters to upset the current supermajority in the state legislature and Senate, which allows the protection of our economy, environment, schools, teachers, and workers. More immediately, Democrats in California retain the power to improve equality of education and equality of opportunity. We believe strongly that these issues of equality are of paramount importance to addressing the causes of violence in our communities, while measures such as SB 374 serve only as a distraction from implementing real improvements through the creation of opportunity and effective law enforcement.

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