The Liberal Gun Club is looking to expand our base of qualified instructors, as well as getting our curriculum approved in YOUR state!

Admit it, watching the grin crack on someone’s face the first time they pull the trigger and hit the target is satisfying. Knowing that you helped them to understand the Four Rules of safety, and that they not only get how to aim, but that they also understand the mechanics of the handgun or rifle they are using, gives you a real sense of satisfaction. Knowing that the training given was certified by an inclusive organization that welcomes all comers? Awesome.

We need YOUR help! If you already have instructor credentials from another certifying organization, we can use those credentials to offer reciprocity for the LGC course. If you don’t already have a certification, we can work putting together a face to face instructor training in 2015 to get you certified; we may tie it into the LGC annual meeting as an extra day or two.

Our goal is a 50-state network of instructors, part of what we need to get our curriculum certified in each state. The certification process varies by state.  It will be up to the local instructor or instructors to reach out to their state government to find out what the process is.

What does it take to be an LGC instructor?

–Safety first!
–A passion and willingness to help bring new shooters into the fold
–An ability to teach in both one on one and in group formats
–Firearms experience, preferably with all action types. (Semi Auto/SA/DA. Muzzleloading experience not required!)

The first level of training is just a basic intro to firearms, along with range time for your students. You do NOT need to be an expert marksman, but you MUST have a grasp of the fundamentals, and be able to clearly communicate that to your students using the training materials, as well as identifying what possible errors are being made on the firing line.

If you do not have an existing certification, live fire/firearms handling will need to be done in person.  This may be waived for existing instructors, and it can be done with another certified instructor at a range day.

If you are interested in helping the cause, this is how we win hearts and minds – feet on the ground, bringing new folks in, showing them shooting stuff is fun! Our first line instructors are crucial to club growth and to our long term success. Please reach out to shinzen via PM on the LGC forum if you are interested!


Link to the forum here!