Okay, it’s time for the spring Bullseye Club season to start. I am officially opening it this Friday, March 29, but if you get to the range between the time of this posting and the official opening, go ahead and shoot the match, you over-achiever. Match 18 will close at 11:59 PM on Sunday,May 12. There are some significant changes for 2019 so please read this message and the Bullseye Club Rules linked to below.

Due to popular demand and until I bow under the crushing workload, we will be running Bullseye matches of six-week duration. Approximately three weeks after the match opens, we will open an “Even-Handed Justice” match. The latter is a one-hand variant of the Bullseye Match and has proven to be interesting and challenging. So, in the steady state, we will run two matches concurrently with matches closing alternately about every three weeks. Therefore, the next Even-Handed Justice match will open on or about April 19 and close on June 3.

Note that the email address for submitting scores has changed. See the rules document for the new address.

While the choice of targets within the constraints laid out in the rules is up to you, and many options are available, we have crafted some custom targets for use in these matches. Note that they are NOT official NRA targets and they should NOT be used in NRA-sanctioned events. Regardless of the targets you use, if your are printing downloaded targets, please make sure that they conform to the target norms. How do you know if the target conforms? Measure the diameters of the 4-ring on the B3 style target and the 6-ring on the B2 style target. They should measure approximately 7.3 and 8.3 inches, respectively. If they do not, check to see if your printer is scaling the PDFs before printing them. Also note that the 6 ring on the B3 style LGC targets may be slightly truncated on the right and left margins, depending on your printer. Judge for yourself if you think this is acceptable. PDFs of the targets follow below.

As always, post any comments or questions. Most importantly though, GET OUT AND SHOOT THESE MATCHES. They are great fun and will help to sharpen your skills after a long winter’s nap.

Your humble servant,


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