If you tuned into Training Talk last Thursday, you witnessed a technical failure that left me steaming mad!

About 10 minutes in, the Google Hangouts cloud-based software crashed. I saw an error message, was locked out of the video, and then the video itself shut down. The software wouldn’t let me log back into the session  and when I finally got logged back in everything was over. I couldn’t restart the stream.

It was as annoying as could be, but never fear — we’re going to try again this Thursday, Sept. 28, at 6:pm Pacific/9:pm Eastern! My guest will again be Julie Loeffler, and we’ll be talking about self defense instruction from a woman’s point of view. Is the self defense community really helping to keep women safer? What are we doing wrong, and what can we do better?

It’s sure to be a provocative discussion, as long as Google doesn’t crash again!

Here’s the link to the show page. Be sure to join us on Thursday evening!

– Grant 


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