PDN Training Talk With Grant Cunningham

You know what’s fun about doing a live webcast? When things don’t go according to plan and the host has to tread water for 30 minutes!

Last night’s Training Talk started out great, but my first guest ran into technical issues (thank you Google, for your wonderfully buggy software.) Yours truly jumped in and covered the subject of sight adjustments on defensive pistols, but it wasn’t exactly what I’d expected to be doing!

Luckily the second hour went a little better: Rob Pincus joined me to talk about the upcoming PDN Spring Training Tour (and why it’s a great opportunity for you) as well as the new PDN Academy courses that are just now coming on line. Of course we covered a few more things, and I ask him the one burning question that’s on everyone’s mind these days.

Check out the replay!

– Grant

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